Electricx Exhibition 2019

Electricx Exhibition 2019
Solargy Renewable Shines at Electricx Exhibition 2019

The Electricx Exhibition 2019, was a platform for companies in the energy sector to showcase their latest ideas and innovations. Solargy Renewable, a leading renewable energy solutions provider, participated in the exhibition and drew great attention from visitors with their new solar panels and innovative solar energy storage system.

Solargy Renewable is the leading company in the field of solar energy with the use of the best types of solar (panels, heaters, cables and generators) in the global market.

Solargy also showcased their innovative solar energy storage system. This technology is an answer to one of the biggest challenges faced by renewable energy sources – energy storage. The Solargy system uses high-capacity batteries to store excess solar energy generated during daytime, which can then be used during peak energy demand periods and at night. This energy storage system ensures a constant supply of clean, renewable energy, even during power outages.

Visitors to Solargy Group's booth at Electricx were impressed with the company's latest offerings and were eager to learn more. Representatives from Solargy Renewable were on hand to answer questions and provide information about their products and services.

Overall, Solargy Renewable's participation in the Electricx Exhibition 2019 was a huge success. The company has established itself as a leading player in the renewable energy sector and demonstrated its commitment to sustainable, clean energy solutions for the future.

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