Parklios Seminar

Electricx Exhibition 2019
Solargy E-Mobility Seminar about Egypt's Parking Challenges with Smart Solutions

Solargy E-Mobility, the exclusive agent of Parklio in Egypt and the Middle East, has organized a seminar at the Hilton Heliopolis Hotel to tackle the pressing issue of parking in Egypt. The event aimed to present innovative technological systems and smart devices, specifically Parklio products, as potential solutions to alleviate the parking problem. The seminar witnessed the presence of esteemed individuals, including the CEOs of Solargy Group and Parklio, Mr. Dario Boras. Additionally, Solargy Immobility engineers introduced an array of electric car chargers designed for both commercial and residential use, highlighting their commitment to supporting Egypt's 2030 plan for sustainable energy transition. The event concluded with gratitude extended to all the participants and attendees.

Egypt, like many other countries, faces significant challenges when it comes to parking. The increasing number of vehicles on the roads has resulted in a shortage of parking spaces, causing frustration and inconvenience for both residents and visitors. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Solargy E-Mobility took the initiative to explore smart solutions that leverage modern technology and smart devices to offer efficient parking management.

Solargy E-Mobility partnered with Parklio, a leading provider of smart parking solutions, to introduce their cutting-edge products to the Egyptian market. Parklio offers a range of smart parking systems that utilize advanced technology to streamline the parking process, optimize space utilization, and enhance overall convenience.

During the seminar, representatives from Solargy-Emobility showcased various Parklio products, demonstrating their features and benefits. These smart devices include automated parking barriers and gates that can be controlled remotely through a mobile application or through a software, enabling drivers to reserve parking spaces and navigate smoothly within parking lots. Parklio's innovative solutions aim to minimize the time and effort spent searching for parking, ultimately reducing traffic congestion and improving the overall parking experience.

In addition to addressing the parking predicament, Solargy E-Mobility emphasized its commitment to supporting Egypt's 2030 plan for sustainable energy. The engineers from Solargy Immobility presented a range of electric car chargers suitable for both commercial and residential use. These charging stations provide convenient and eco-friendly solutions for electric vehicle (EV) owners, encouraging the adoption of EVs and contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

The seminar organized by Solargy E-Mobility shed light on the parking challenges in Egypt and introduced Parklio's smart parking solutions as a viable remedy. By leveraging modern technology and smart devices, Solargy E-Mobility aims to revolutionize the parking experience, optimize space utilization, and contribute to the sustainable energy transition in Egypt. With the support of industry leaders and the dedication of innovative companies like Solargy E-Mobility, a brighter future for parking management in Egypt is within reach.

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