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Parking Management System

Parking Management System

Within Parklio™ PMS, parking administrators will be provided with analytics that will add value to their business (customer behavior, number of parking vehicles, average parking time, payment records, sales records, daily reports, monthly reports…).

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Parklio™ Parking Management System (PMS) enables reliable control and management of parking lots and Parklio™ smart parking products through a user-friendly interface. Parklio™ PMS is the most advanced parking management system on the market for optimizing parking lot occupancy while providing real-time information about product state, position, and other features.

In conjunction with Parklio™ ANPR, Parklio™ PMS can automate any parking lot making it smarter and more sophisticated. Parklio™ PMS is a truly intelligent parking lot management system because it enables control of products and real-time parking management. Using AI and machine learning PMS is a fully automated parking management system. Besides organizing parking lots, the Parklio™ parking management system can organize traffic flow and serve as an online car parking management system.

Car park management services:

  • Parking protection
  • Parking solutions

Through Parklio™ PMS, parking owners or administrators can manage the following:

  • Raise and lower the product remotely
  • Send digital keys to allow access
  • Block any access key if needed
  • Edit products’ features
  • Categorize parking lot according to their wishes and business needs
  • Optimize occupancy
  • Increase revenue