Smart barrier

Parklio is a smart automatic barrier that aims to troubleshoot the most persisting problem in today’s busiest and most lively areas: parking availability and regulation. From single individual parking to hundreds of slots, parking is now accessible and worry-free, thanks to Parklio’s innovative technology and smart applications.


Parklio aims to change the parking game from the roots. Various parking areas need specific authorization to be accessed, like handicapped parking slots, EV charging stations, privately owned slots in commercial spaces and offices, and VIP slots in any entity.
Moreover, many car parks have been trying to make money off manual operation of their spaces and are losing the great value of real-time slot status and consumer behavior data, besides the unraveled seamlessness the parking management Parklio provides.
These scenarios are perfect spots for Parklio to be a major lifesaver and an essential tool of operation for its efficiency, profitability, and security.
The barrier’s smart software and durable, environmentally friendly hardware are in line with European Quality Standards and can be operated on iOS and Android.

Smart bollard

High-security areas require high-security solutions – and Parklio’s smart bollard is just the right fit. This smartphone-controlled barrier can accommodate a large number of cars in short time periods and can be used as access for passage or parking.


Its hydraulic technology gives it resistance against water, dust, extreme temperatures, and any natural erodes. With just a 6-7 second fall and rise time and ability to work for 24 hours with a 100% efficiency, the smart bollard can be an ideal barrier for hotels, governmental entities, private institutions, or any area that requires especially high security.

Smart Automatic gate

Parklio does not merely produce single car parking barriers. Among many solutions for all car shapes and cases, Parklio’s Smart Automatic Gate Barrier is a smart phone-controlled boom gate barrier that is ideal for protecting restricted areas and allowing limited access.

Its sleek design and durable hardware are resistant to the harshest weather conditions. To better suit different usages, its arms length can be customized and adjusted to fit a specific area, and it automatically closes after the vehicle passes.
Many institutions require guarded and authorized entrances, and along with Parklio’s smart solutions, a full, closed, secure solution can be achieved. This automatic gate can be used to guard and limit access to a checkpoint, public or private spaces and facilities, gyms, airports, governmental institutions, one-time events and conventions, or car parks. Also, it can be used in institutions where tariffs are imposed, like tollgates.

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