How to transform your parking system into a smart one (Brain)

Parklio Brain is the support and upgrades your current parking equipment needs. Turn your existing parking equipment into a smart, efficient parking system by integrating it with the Connect App.

What if you have an existing parking system or products but wish to turn them into smart solutions or integrate them with third-party vendors?
Our Parklio Brain does just that. This electronic module can be integrated with your existing, non-smart parking products and help you reap smart benefits from their operation.
Brain can help integrate your parking devices with the Connect App, provide you with real time information about your slots and devices, and allow the key-sharing option.
Hotels, commercial areas, and governmental or private institutions can integrate Parklio Brain with their existing out-dated parking products to increase security and accessibility.

Now you can easily connect your products through the Gateway

Parklio seems like a smart and integrated solution, but how does this solution apply on vast numbers of products and slots? Parklio Gateway is the glue that holds all connected Parklio products in a specific area, and helps you control them by a click of button.

It is ideal for large numbers of vehicles in busy spaces where cars are constantly coming and going.
This software provides admins with real-time information about parking slots and devices and helps physically operate and manage Parklio products.
It is great for public and private car parks, airports, gyms, commercial centres, corporate offices, and banks. It can take up to 20 devices at a time across 100 metres, and can be easily operated through the Parklio mobile application.

Ease your access through using ANPR Cameras

Parklio’s one-of-a-kind Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera can recognize and save car plate numbers on moving and static vehicles in and outdoors with an accuracy of over 98%.

This feature can also be operated through a smart phone and can even operate in complete darkness and wet environments.
ANPR can be a great tool in access control, data collection, and security checks. This camera can be used in high security areas like governmental entities and public commercial spaces for security and safety reasons.

Manage all your parking by using PMS

Parklio PMS, Parking Management System, is the smart solution behind all the value that the barriers and products bring the end-users. It is a simple, user-friendly software that helps administrators better their products and grow their parking management business.

Parklio PMS generates an analysis of barrier and slot usage, real-time information of occupancy, and product status. It can also provide more in-depth information, like consumer parking behavior analysis, statistics on vehicle numbers in specific time brackets, average park time, and revenue and sales analysis.
This information can also be provided in the shape of daily or monthly reports and can be customized to the administrators’ needs. Apart from the valuable information PMS provides, it also gives access to admins to share or decline digital keys, control barrier lowering or raising, edit product names and features, and categorize or prioritize spots in real-time to fit their needs.
This software applies to all Parklio products used in various case scenarios, from commercial centers to offices, airports, car park facilities, and more.

Fleet Slots saving

Assigning specific slots for your fleet is essential, especially when they need to be charged at specific points and have time-based routes.

A collection of Parklio barriers can help reserve specific spots for buses, e-buses, delivery motorcycles, and courier service vehicles near their charging or fuel stations, and the entire barrier collection can be controlled using a single mobile app.

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