eNext T wallbox

The CIRCONTROL eNext T – Bluetooth – 2.3kW to 22kW – CIR-eNext-T. – Bluetooth wallbox connects 380V AC
The charge current is instantaneously adjustable and anytime between 10A and 32A via the HiCharger .
You can also program it according to your peak hours using its application.

His grip T2S will ensure a lateral lockable Secure charging in your electric vehicle Mode 3.

With the Application HiCharger , you can connect your terminal to your smartphone with Bluetooth.

HiCharger, a Bluetooth app

The terminal connects easily to your smartphone via its HiCharger app.
The connection between the terminal and your smartphone is smply done by scanning the QR code below the hood, or manually.
The charge also launches out automatically when a Bluetooth connection is detected.

So you can charge your electric vehicle when you are Nearby.

It is also possible to connect the terminal by Plug & Charge and avoid Bluetooth connection time.

With this easy to use app, you will manage the following settings:

  • Enable / Diable remote load,
  • Adjust load power between 10 and 32A,
  • Schedule load at desired times (for peak hours for example).

The state of charge will be indicated by an LED on its terminal.

A quick and easy installation

Thanks to its compact and easily removable design, the system can simply be installed in less than an hour by a professional.

Main features

  • Adjustable Bluetooth connection through the HiCharger app,
  • Adjustable charging intensity between 10A and 32A, via the application,
  • Log-phase and three-phase 32A 220V / 400V,
  • IP54 and IK10: splash and shock resistant,
  • Type 2S plug: safety shutter socket,
  • Wall mounting kit included.

Electrical protection

Electrical protection is required in France, and is to be installed on a dedicated line.
They were validated in respect of the January 2017 EVRI decree, French regulations.

Here are the protections to install:

  • A Type A 40A 30mA differential switch (ex HAGER BDH240F ) – not included
  • A circuit breaker 40A C curve (ex HAGER MJT740 ) – not included

Handy accessory

The CIRCONTROL BeON smart sensor is the perfect accessory to go with your CIRCONTROL eNext T Terminal.
It optimizes load time when there isn’t enough power, and avoids blackouts.
So it can charge your electric vehicle by taking account of your appliances and other electrical devices.
Sold separately, we recommend that you buy the CIRCONTROL BeON sensor as well.



Our conclusion

Our CarPlug team tested the terminal with the electrical protections.

The terminal lights up quickly and is ready to load in less than a minute.
We then downloaded and tested the HiCharger app. It is simple and intuitive to use.

The load test was also borne fruit. Load started alone, as settled on the application, and variation of amps is very responsive.

Review: Very positive
The ideal terminal for a garage or co-ownership for a person wishing to manage its load slots and change the charging current.

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