Commercial DC Chargers

We provide fast-charging stations with the full equipment of the station – from branding to station amenities, to a smart parking solution that reserves the charging spot for EV vehicles only.

The biggest obstacle most EV users face is the hassle of charging on the go when their range is almost out.
Our range of fast chargers that take almost a maximum of 30 minutes per charge can be set up on high-ways, toll stations, gas stations, and even popular roads to contribute better to the EV infrastructure.
To better suit different shapes and models of charging stations, our DC chargers can be compact and minimalist like the eVolve Rapid, aesthetically pleasing, and powerful like the Raption 50, 100, or 150 compact, or made for heavy-duty industrial use like the Raption 150 and 350 HPC.


Smart cities are on the rise, and e-buses are the logical transportation method for these futuristic villages. Public transportation buses and shared ride-hailing services can save big and reduce their carbon footprints by going electric.

Our range of fast-charging DC chargers can be installed on high-ways or toll stations to support fleets of buses or individual e-buses along their assigned routes.
These chargers are not only for public transportation buses; other fleets, like courier services and shared ride-hailing services can make the smart shift to electric and enjoy less cost on operations and charging.

Chargers Software platform with payment portal

Managing your EV charging business has never been easier. You can easily charge your clients and track payments and other valuable charging information with our cloud-based software.

This software can be branded in-app and is integrated with a payment gateway that guarantees a seamless payment process and provides you with real-time, actionable data, and helps prospective clients find and reach your charging points easily.
The payment gateway can be set up on bus stops and can be branded and set up with different brackets of tariffs according to usage.
This software will enable you or your admin and managers to gather information about your consumers, get insights on consumption behavior, and control the status of your current charging stations in real-time.

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