Marina Chargers

Future-proofing & innovation:

Installing a marine charging point helps you stay ahead in the game of water transportation and can help you adapt better to the rise of electric mobility in general and water electric mobility in specific. Even the most basic or generic charging point can help most boats or yachts, and can help you generate income and rebrand your place.

Benefits of installing Marina chargers:

Electric water mobility is on the rise, and it encompasses many details and accessories. One’s own charging station can be a great opportunity to capitalize on this innovation by generating revenue and scoring footfall that is not ideally generated without such an innovation.

Multi-charge purpose:

Marina chargers are not merely for water transportation; some dock chargers can be used for land EVs, as well as coastal parking and regular sea-side parking areas. Solargy’s assortment of EV chargers can be integrated to fit both your land and sea EV needs.

Destination charging:

Having a marine charger point also scores your port or property a fresh, innovative socio-environmental image and therefore, better customer association and footfall. Your customers can charge their water EVs while they enjoy their stay.