Fleet Management

Concept Planning

To switch to Ev fleets, you must first make a few assessments to help you put a concrete plan. You first need to pick the right charging station for your vehicles, decide on the correct ratio of vehicle to charging point, set a timed schedule for charging, set duration for average charging time, prioritize vehicle charging, schedule almost-available vehicles to available charging slots, and select the improvement metrics you will measure against.

Charging station

You can have a multi-charger, multi-cable charging station designated for your fleet in order to achieve timely trips and achieve efficiency. With our charging software app, you can assess the charging activity of all your vehicles and receive real-time information about each vehicle’s charging status and needs.

What you need to install a charging station

  1. Acquire approval from municipalities or the responsible institution in case the station land is a public property.
  2. Check whether the cables’ dimensions are appropriate for the charging current. This detail can be double checked by our team.
  3. Fit your station with an RCD (residual current device), which balances the electricity going and out of your EV vehicle and restrict any overflow of electricity to avoid electric shocks
  4. If you install a charger that supports a high load, you should adopt a circuit breaker to avoid excessive current overload.
  5. The cables’ dimensions should be appropriate for the charging current; the suitable cable diameter can be determined by our team during the inspection process.
  6. The area you plan to install it in should be enough for your vehicle and charger with its cables.

Design your station