Events and Showrooms

Benefits of implementing Charging slots

During an event or showroom, having a portable, compact charger will always come in handy. It is ideal for events, showrooms, and remote places where instant, fast charging is needed.

Charging slot

Solargy E-mobility can help you achieve a full smart parking/charging solution by booking specific parking slots for EV charging using Parklio smart barrier. This full, closed solution can help secure your EV charging slot and ensure the availability of charging at any point in time.

Implementing a charging point can’t be that easy!

What if you want to install an EV charger somewhere where no grids can be connected to, or a place where the infrastructure simply can’t support a full EV charging point?
Our CubiCharge portable charger satisfies this exact need and brings you speed, reliability, and space efficiency in a safe, compact portable charging unit. It can also support big charging loads, which makes it ideal for on the go fleet charging.

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