Caravan Hook-up

Future-proofing & innovation:

Egypt’s infrastructure has developed and now supports sustainable, affordable alternatives to regular shops and kiosks.
Full caravan-operated destinations, like Qubix Hub, are entirely dependent on caravans as shops and living spaces.
Caravan Hookup EVs can be a great opportunity for such rising concepts and will be the pioneering charging solutions for many similar concepts to come.

Uses and locations:

From cross-country road trips to touristic sites to actual caravan parks, Egypt is the location of many ideal uses of the Caravan Hookups.
Since these EVs are made to withstand extreme weather conditions, they can fit Egypt’s changing weathers across seasons and locations and can work across different flow seasons.

Destination charging:

Tourism experts can consider installing Caravan Hookups in their recreational areas and touristic sites to generate profit and generate good word of mouth to attract more tourists.
Also, carnival or park owners can add value to their place by adding them, for a tariff or not, so that vacationing families can easily access EV charging stations in such remote areas.