Commercial Chargers

Since EV car usage is on the rise in Egypt and the MENA region, public and commercial EV charging stations have become an inevitable need. Whether you are a restaurant owner, mall operator, a real estate agent, or even a toll/gas station owner, our commercial charger offerings will surely add value to your business and uplift its image.

Solargy’s renowned international brands offer rich and complex EV chargers for all your commercial needs.
Also, these chargers can be designed to complement your branding and serve as an extension of your brand elements.
Commercial EV charging stations can also be profitable; if you integrate a payment gate to your station, you can easily impose a tariff, know your customers through data collection, and increase traffic to your space.
Having an element of green and clean energy also improves your entity’s CSR and contributes positively to the environment.

Fleet Management

By going electric with your fleet, you will be saving big, on both operational savings and your carbon footprint. Whether it be a courier service, ride-hailing or ride-sharing services, or an automated public transportation system, electric fleet management will prove to be the more cost and energy-efficient switch.

Solargy E-mobility offers you a seamless fleet management system that enables you to register countless drivers and vehicles and have access to their charging process and status.
Each of your drivers will have a Vehicle Registration Mark which will enable them to charge and allow you to track their charging activity and assign priority charging for the vehicles you choose.
Charging can also take place at different locations across cities for you and your drivers’ convenience, and the charging points can be easily scaled and changed at any point. Moreover, the back-office management system will ensure efficient charging and abort charging activity when it is not needed.
Finally, you can manage your charging volume to control the load and avoid extra power fees.

Events and Showrooms

Whether you have an EV showroom or an event where a lot of EVs will need charging, a portable EV charger is a necessity. It is compact, fast, practical, safe, and can be adjusted to fit all varieties of charging.

Solargy E-mobility’s portable charger is perfect for on-the-go situations like temporary events and showrooms or conventions.
It also has carry handles for easy transportation of the device, protective switchgear to ensure safety wherever the charger is placed and an LED charging status indicator to inform users of charging and battery status.
Solargy can help you achieve a full smart mobility solution by creating protected EV charging slots using the Parklio smart barrier so that these slots are exclusive for charging purposes.

Marina Chargers

Solargy’s charging solutions are suitable for all vehicles, even marine ones. Charging at sea has never been easier and more convenient for coastal cities, for either yachts, superyachts, ports, or small boats.

We offer consultation, inspection, and installation of marina charging stations and services for Egypt’s coasts along the White and Red seas.
The range we offer includes service pedestals, superyacht pedestals, emergency, and distribution systems, and even EV charging stations for offshore vehicles.
All marina products can also be branded and provided with accessories.
From classic pedestals for fishing harbors and waterfronts to LED deck lighting to electric distribution panels for boatyards and sailing clubs to quantum chargers for car parks, ports, pontoons, and marinas, to the Titan Waterfront USB charging pedestal which is ideal for ferries and boats along the Nile River, ports, and waterfronts.

Caravan Hook-up

To provide a holistic charging experience for EV users, we expanded our brand range to encompass caravan hook-up chargers. This charging solution is cost-effective, portable, and complementary to a large variety of industries. This specific charger is also ideal for many remote locations around Egypt.

This service is used specifically for touristic sites, holidays, recreational hubs, parks, resorts, festivals, and camp/remote sites.
Also, commercial caravan parks in Egypt have become a trendier and more efficient alternative to commercial kiosks in new cities where EV cars have grown popular.
From the classic touring pedestal for campsites, parks, and amenity areas, to direct connection units for static caravans/food trucks in caravan parks and holiday homes, to distribution solutions for communal areas and roadsides, to the quantum touring pedestal for both static and touring caravans, EV car charging, and amenity areas.
The classic touring pedestal could be used in dusty campsites and touristic areas like Fayoum and Luxor for example, while the direct connection units can be used for holiday homes in Gouna or the North Coast.
The quantum touring pedestal can be used for amenity areas along these travel roads in toll or gas stations or as their own charging station.

Chargers Software platform with payment portal

Managing your EV charging business has never been easier. You can easily charge your clients and track payments and other valuable charging information with our cloud-based software.

This software can be branded in-app and is integrated with a payment gateway that guarantees a seamless payment process and provides you with real-time, actionable data, and helps prospective clients find and reach your charging points easily. The payment gateway can be set up in commercial centers and can be branded and set up with different brackets of tariffs according to usage. This software will enable you or your admin and managers to gather information about your consumers, get insights on consumer behavior, and control the status of your current charging stations in real-time.

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