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Who we are?

Embracing a role at the forefront of eco-friendly and technology-fuelled development, Solargy Group was established in 2018 to bring forth tangible change across different interrelated industries. Powered by the desire to realize a day when conscious solutions and alternatives are made feasible for a large spectrum of customers, the group delves into the possibilities granted by today’s resources and tomorrow’s technology.

The group lives up to its positioning as a pathfinder and a synonym of clean energy and smart solutions across the region. Committed to prioritizing the welfare of individuals and the environment, Solargy Group has managed to develop a unique vantage point and a strong base of diverse services, which reinforce its determination to revolutionize green energy and smart projects.

Solargy Group overarches four companies; Solargy E-Mobility, which is specialized in electric-vehicle charging solutions and smart parking solutions, Solargy Renewable that is focused on renewable energy solutions, Solargy Trading which is known for off-shore transactions and finally Solargy Construction, which specializes in eco-friendly construction services.


Our goal is to become the first destination for clean energy solutions, smart parking, electric chargers, construction and trading. We also aim to work with more partners to offer the most efficient solutions according to global standards in order to support our clients as they reduce their energy consumption and shift their dependence in favor of renewable energy and achieve energy sustainability. The group is also invested in the development of the solar-energy ecosystem to attain environmental sustainability.



We work across different industries to achieve services integration, we also aim to revolutionize different practices, especially those that we specialize in and are considered vital industries that directly influence the lives of the masses, such as clean energy, solutions and construction.




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    Nasr City Cairo, Egypt.

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